Article 1 - Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all online contracts for the purchase or sale of tickets, concluded via the website of the “Bruges Beer Experience”.


Article 2 - Definitions

The seller is:
VZW Biermuseum Brugge (non-profit organisation)
Breidelstraat 3
8000 Brugge (Bruges)


Phone: 32(0)50 69 92 29

The buyer is:
Any private individual/legal entity making an online purchase or sale of tickets at the website of the "Bruges Beer Experience".


Article 3 - Offer

The information describing the products and services that can be purchased via the website of the "Bruges Beer Experience" constitutes an offer for sale. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, the offer is valid for the purchases as presented on the website.

However, the "Bruges Beer Experience" cannot have the obligation to honour an offer that contains errors for reasons beyond their control.


Article 4 – Electronic proof

Within the context of their business relation, the parties accept electronic proof such as e-mail messages and registrations in computer systems.


Article 5 - Payment

The buyer pays the purchase price via an Ogone payment system. The payment module is directly managed by the company Ogone. No information relating to the payment is forwarded to the “Bruges Beer Experience”.

The “Bruges Beer Experience” cannot be held responsible for the process of online payment.


Article 6 – Conditions for use

The buyer undertakes to exclusively use the tickets purchased online in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the offer.

This means that they can only be used for visits in the periods described in the offer, during the opening days and hours of the museum.

The staff of the “Bruges Beer Experience” is authorised to ask any person presenting a ticket at a reduced price to produce an identification document.


Article 7 – Refund policy

7.1 Once the tickets are purchased by the customer, they cannot be exchanged, sold again or refunded.

7.2 A purchased ticket shall under no circumstances be refunded, not even if the ticket has not been used by the customer during its period of validity.


Article 8 – Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights relating to the website and its elements belong to the “Bruges Beer Experience” or to third parties. The sales contract concluded between the “Bruges Beer Experience” and the buyer does not authorise the latter to copy, reproduce, download, post, pass on or distribute elements of the website of the "Bruges Beer Experience".


Article 9 – Privacy protection

The “Bruges Beer Experience” undertakes to comply with the legal provisions relating to privacy and the protection of personal data.


Article 10 - Liability

The “Bruges Beer Experience” does not accept any liability for any accident or damage occurring at the premises of the "Bruges Beer Experience" and caused by careless behaviour or a lack of caution of the visitor.


Article 11 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the contracts of online purchase/sale on the website of the “Bruges Beer Experience” is subject to Belgian law. The courts of the legal district of Brugge (Bruges) have exclusive jurisdiction.

In case of a dispute a printed version of the applicable general terms and conditions and of any accompanying statement delivered electronically will be accepted in all judicial, extra-judicial or administrative proceedings.